Bidemi Kosoko Reacts To Accusation That Was Made Against Her

Nollwood actress Bidemi Kosoko, daughter of veteran actor, Jide Kosoko, has decided not to speak about the accusation made about her sleeping with a  married man.

While trying to get the actress to open up, she was not having any of it and said the following:

“You want me to react to that stupid story that I am sleeping with another woman’s husband? I am not interested in that, please.”

She later took to social media to set the record straight about the allegation and curse out the accuser. This what she wrote:

“Bcos I have not tasted anything this morning, bcos D’s month makes it 25 years my mum passed on, bcos God lives and I av the power of God on my tongue, I pray that if all u wrote about me is true, then may I not know peace but if it’s a lie, everything that concerns u will perish b4 ur very eyes, u will know no peace, u will beg b4 u eat, u will cry blood ND, not water, u will be disgraced and cursed anywhere u go in Jesus name. Amen.”

Her accuser Mamaking responded with:

“Shut the phyuk off……All you are cursing yourself so that the world can think this is a life, I laugh…..Ashe to gun fun ese, because you can’t deny you didn’t do all I said and because I have not eaten anything too this morning, becos God liveth, you will surely reap all you have done in a hard way, God will destroy your home whenever you are ready to marry.”