Rosaline Meurer Lashed Out, Over Being Labelled A Side Chick

Nollywood actress Rosaline Meurer, finally broke her silence over being tagged a side chick. Rosaline left a comment on the Miss Petite Nigeria’s Instagram comments, lashing out for kissing Tonto Dikeh’s a**…and alleges MPN is bank rolled by Tonto Dikeh.

The actress has never publicly denied being one. Once she does, I’m sure bloggers will follow suit .

She wrote the following:

Awww… 😊 Still trying to spoil my name and bury my career. Chai the hustle to survive. Eyaaa… Here, let me clean the brown off your nose, I’ve never seen a head so far up someone else’s ass. BUT I feel the Love boo .. Your mommy and aunties will be someone’s alleged side chick this year. They fit better. I mean I thought this sound track ended in 2017 or have they renewed your contract in 2018? It’s quite a pity dear. A person can only kiss so much ass before they finally choke on shit. You’re almost there. Too bad Rosy is going no where. I’m only gonna keep glowing and shinning in your face. If it hurts your eyes too much, SHUT THEM and hide your shameful face. May your ass licking job not be permanent in Jesus name. 🙏 bye boo 👋 #rosykisses 💋