Singer Paul Okoye has dropped some words about married working class women.

The actor shared a post stating that married women tend to disrespect their husbands if they take on responsibilities at home.

Paul’s followers had mixed reactions to his post

Popular Nigerian singer Paul Okoye of defunct music group Psquare, recently got his fans and followers on social media talking after he dropped a post directed at married women.

The singer’s post submitted that a man can work for as long as 10 years and and still be happy even though his wife is not employed.

However, the post further noted that if the tables are turned women are most likely to turn against their men.

The post read thus: “A man can work for 10 years with an unemployed wife and still be happy, but a woman will work five days and the whole community will know about the unemployed husband.”

Several fans who seemed to disagree with the singer’s post were seen reacting in his comment section. Read what some of them had to say below:

kimoprah: “I agreee most women! But it’s a thing of mindset, we’ve been thought that men are the bread winners so when we doing the work it’s as if he’s got a disability! I may be wrong but that’s just the way most women were brought up . NgwaBye!!”

essty_okenwa:”No be una say men are superior? U people should focus on ur focus and leave us alone to focus on ours”

blessingprincessabigail: “You are right, and I don’t know why some of our women are good in that act may god help us”

mrsimple8: “It depends on the kind of Woman!! That’s why it’s advisable to marry your best friend. When a man randomly marry a woman, that’s the mess he will face.”

superbfave1: “Bitter truth…..many will leave this room happens with naija girls more”

The singer also returned with a different post in reaction to people that commented on his post.

By Johnny