Nigerian rapper, Olamide, has taken to social media platform to comment on the coronavirus pandemic

The rapper implored the virus to leave because people are already tire

Olamide said that coronavirus has been on a world tour and has shut everywhere down

The coronavirus pandemic has been an issue plaguing most parts of the world for a few months now and is also threatening to cripple the healthcare system of even developed countries as they struggle to contain the virus.

This has led to people who are used to going out being cooped up at home and not knowing what to do with all this free time, especially celebrities.

Just recently, Nigerian rapper, Olamide, took to social media via his Instagram page to speak on the coronavirus pandemic.

Olamide implored the disease to leave as he described it as being the baddest. According to the rapper, corona is on a world tour and successfully shut down everywhere.

He also said coronavirus should go quickly.

Olamide wrote: “Corona de do world tour ! Shutdown everywhere… nobody badder ! We gree for you no1 … oya do come de go”.

See his post below:

Many countries in Africa might not be suffering as much as European countries but they are starting to grapple with the reality of how dangerous the pandemic is and how things can be very fatal if quick action is not taken.

By Johnny