Nigerian singer, Iledare Olajuwonlo James, popularly known as Jaywon, has been arrested in Lagos

Nigerian singer, Jaywon, has been arrested by the Nigerian police for beating the curfew put in place by the government. The music star was found driving around 11pm around Dolphin estate on Monday, May 4, 2020, and was taken into custody.

Jaywon was intercepted by the policemen stationed at Dolphin estate at about 11pm for violating the curfew

The coronavirus pandemic led to many governments around the world taking great measures to protect the lives of its citizens, which mostly includes the putting in place of a lockdown.

Well, in some third world countries, the lockdown was difficult to maintain because of the high number of people who depends on their daily income to make ends meet.

In order to make things easier for everyone, the government in Nigeria decided to ease the lockdown but it had some rules and regulations, some of which includes the usage of facemasks and the enforcement of curfews.

By Johnny