singer, Simi, has taken to social media platform to speak on feminism

The Joromi crooner, feminism makes many men feel vulnerable

The world if fast changing and many things that used to seem alien or unacceptable in the past are finally gaining grounds. One of such things is equality for women.

Women used to be regarded as second class citizens in most parts of the world, but time and enlightenment have changed things and they are now able to take positions of power and do things that they were not previously allowed to

Many women and men have come together to further the cause of equality among both genders and they are referred to as feminists

Nigerian singer, Simi, recently took to social media via her Twitter page to speak on feminism and how it rubs off on men.

According to the Joromi crooner, Feminism makes many men feel vulnerable because the same society that makes them feel superior is starting to want better for women.

Simi tweeted further that life would actually be easier for everyone if men also support feminism.

She wrote: “Feminism makes many men feel so vulnerable, because you find that society that gave you your “superiority card” is starting to know (and want) better for women – and you donno w*tf to do. Lol

By Johnny