Musician and DJ Florence Otedola known popularly known as DJ Cuppy has hit back at a Twitter follower for saying she has yellow teeth.

Cuppy says is not going to do anything about her teeth because she loves it just the way it is. She adds that she is sorry she is not perfect but whitening her teeth is something she would never do.

“Dear DJ Cuppy, I don’t mean to be rude, but teeth whitening procedure can never cost up to 1million Naira,” he tweeted.

Cuppy in a vlog post said; “I need to talk to you about something on Twitter. Some guy has said that I have yellow teeth. Listen, I’m sorry if I’m not perfect and no I’m not going to whiten my teeth,” she said.

“There is just no need for that. We need to stop this body-shaming, it’s so ridiculous… My teeth are not going to solve any issues. I don’t think my teeth are that yellow. Take me as I am.”

By Johnny