I believe there’s more to come, and to people who have sexually assaulted anyone in the past will start shiver as the victim might summon the courage to open up.

Guess who is out there making threat to reveal the identity of a Nigerian billionaire who she claims raped her in the past.

Halima Abubakar while sharing her view on the #SayNOtoRAPE threatened to call out billionaires who are guilty of rape & are shaming women for speaking up now.

Some of them are your favs and billionaires, who are guilty of rape and are shaming women for speaking up now.

The actress weighed in on the current rape conversation going on after women like Uwa Omozuwa and Barakat Bello were raped and murdered while in places where they should otherwise be safe.

The death of both women and the rape of a 12-year-old girl by 11 men at different times in Jigawa has led other victims to speak up. However, there are those condemning them for speaking up now, long after their tragic experiences.

Halima Abubakar took to Instagram where she threatened to expose some prominent people who are guilty of rape and are trying to silence women.

Her claim was most victims are afraid to come out because these men “hide and intimidate and even block their income”. She warned them not to push her to call them out.

Most of her fans have challenged her to mention names regardless whether been provoked or not. What do you think folks, do you agree to that?

By Johnny