Falz recently joined many voices on social media to condemn the recent killings of Tina Ezekwe and Vera Omozuwa

In his recent tweets, he expressed sadness over their murders and demanded that justice be served

The Nigerian rapper also called for a protest, as according to him, the social media outrage wasn’t enough

Following the unjust killing of a 16-year-old girl and the brutal rape and murder of a UniBen student Vera Omozuwa inside a church, Nigerian musician Falz has joined several other Nigerians to condemn the murders.

In a recent tweet, he stated that injustice has continued to thrive in the country, adding that enough was enough as he demanded justices for the innocent victims.

He wrote: “It’s so exhausting to see injustice continue to thrive time after time. Every time we say NOT AGAIN, and then there is a new story. Enough is enough. It’s too disheartening. Justice must be served for the innocent souls we keep on losing. #JusticeForTina #JusticeForUwa”

In another post, he called for a protest, stating that it is not enough that people react on social media, from their homes as justice needs to be served.

His message reads: “It is important that we are fearless and we are ready to challenge the government through peaceful protests. It’s not enough to sit in our houses and post on socials. Justice must be served #JusticeForUwa #JusticeForTina.”

By Johnny