Nigerian dancehall singer, Timaya, has taken to social media to share his two cents

The music star said that not only women need to be wife material and he also said that men also need building material

In many parts of the world, particularly the African society, a lot is expected from women right from when they are just little girls.

Many girls grew up being told how to behave and things to avoid doing so that they would be perceived as decent and men would want to settle down with them.

Many ladies are gauged to determine whether they are wife material or not and the same thing cannot be said for the men.

A number of African men are not trained with their wives in mind and they are oftentimes allowed to grow up spoiled withou the act of consideration for their women.

Well, that is not the case with all men as some women have done great jobs raising their sons who end up being marvelous husbands.

Timaya, took to social media via his verified Twitter page to speak on wife and husband material.

the dancehall star, people should focus less on wife materials because men also need building materials.

see his tweet below

By Johnny