Nigerian music star, 2baba, who is regarded as alegend by many has spoken on another artiste he feels also deserves legendary status

During a recent interview, 2baba said that top Nigerian singer, Wizkid, is one of the legends of his generation

The African Queen crooner said that if one notices Wizkid closely, they would see that he is lyrically gifted but that he is only giving fans of his generation the kind of music they want to hear

The African Queen crooner, top singer Wizkid Balogun is a music star who is also a legend. 2baba said that Wizkid is a legend of his generation and that he does not use the word to describe him lightly.

2baba also said that Wizkid is lyrically there but that he is only giving his fans what they want to hear.

2baba: “Wizkid is one of the legends of his generation, and I don’t use that word ‘legend’ lightly. In as much as I want to say every one is a legend these days, they don water that word ‘legend’ down. Anybody wey just get one hit now na legend, but I use that word for Wizkid.”

By Johnny