Popular Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye of the defunct PSquare group has complained about social media

The Audio crooner said that social media is a place of war where a lot of drama happens

The singer also said that when his kids grow older, he would tell them Nigeria is the way it is because of social media

Social media has become an important part in the lives of many people despite in having its pros and cons.

A lot of opportunities have been found on social media and a lot of marriages have been made possible because of it as well.

However, social media also has a lot of negative aspects that can run out of control if not properly managed.

Nigeria is like this because of social media – Paul Okoye says Source: Instagram

The Audio crooner complained about how social media has become a place of war where people can freely insult their superiors, where celebrations like Fathers’ Day become a day of drama and where marriage and relationship issues are judged by people who are not directly involved in it.

See his tweet below:

In another post, Paul Okoye said that when his kids grow older and ask him why the country is the way it is, he would say it is because of social media.

He wrote: “When I was growing up, I once asked my dad why is Nigeria like this? What happened? How did it get to this level…he said it was because of the WAR. Now am getting prepared to answer my kids when the time comes …and when they ask i will tell them is SOCAIL MEDIA.”

See his tweet below:

By Johnny