Singer Brymo has declared himself as Africa’s finest artiste

Some loyal fans agreed with the singer while urging him to invest in marketing his songs

Other people slammed him for his statement

Nigerian singer Brymo Olawale has taken to his social media page to brag about his worth, especially in the year 2020.

While fans and followers always talk about the musician’s beautiful sound, the Good Morning crooner never fails to blow his own trumpet.

Although he has come under fire for always talking about how good he is musically, there is no stopping Brymo as he recently took to Twitter to declare himself the finest artiste in Africa.

As expected, Nigerians have taken to his comment section to react to his statement. While some agreed with his statement, some bashed him for it.

Read comments from people who agree with him below:

Read comments from people who think his statement comes from a place of pride:

Entertainers are known to hype themselves in a way that gets people talking. Everyone sees themselves as the best when it comes to their craft but followers often think that they should be the decision-makers when it comes to entertainers.

By Johnny