Nigerian singer, Jaywon, has taken to social media to explain why a woman needs to know how to cook

Jaywon’s post comes shortly after Pastor Adeboye’s advice to bachelors

According to him, nobody wants to marry a woman who does not know her way around in the kitchen

Joining in the conversation is Nigerian singer, Jaywon, who took to his social media platform to state that nobody wants to marry a woman who cannot cook. He stated that the woman he ends up with doesn’t necessarily have to apply the skill, but it is important she knows how to prepare a meal.

He wrote: “How many men can come out proudly and say my wife doesn’t know how to cook or take care of the house? A real hustler will provide for his family and even employ maid and cook but Naaaaa we are Africans and not just African but proud YORUBA MAN (LOCAL ONE FOR THAT MATTER OO) My wife must sabi cook even if she no go cook all the time but must sabi.”

By Johnny