Amidst all the rumuors flying around that actress, Toyin Abraham is secretly married to actor, Kolawole Ajeyemi and is pregnant, a lot has gone down. It still is.
The premiere of the highly anticipated movie, ‘Bling Lagosians’ which held on June 16, 2019 was a gathering of society crème. As one of the lead actresses in the motion picture, everyone expected that the actress would be present. From when the red carpet started till everyone moved into the hall to see the movie, nobody sighted her. Strange, yeah?
Movie stars, captains of industry, and many fashion enthusiasts found their way to the event which held in Lagos. Though Toyin kept herself busy on Instagram by posting information on the movie, ‘Bling Lagosians,’ she was conspicuously absent. What could have happened to the star who would always dazzle with her mind-blowing attire to such events even when she was not in the works featured then? Beats me too!
The Bling Lagosians’ tells the story of the affluent, brash, flamboyant, audacious and over the top lifestyle of Lagosians and shows the lifestyle of a Lagos family living in their past glory. Although they are not as wealthy as they once were, they still want to maintain the lifestyle they used to live. They want to host the talk of town parties, wear the best designers and ride the fastest of cars, even if it means wallowing in debt. The movie is intended to show how people go the extreme to keep up appearances in society.

By Johnny