It all started in 2017, when Kemi Olunloyo called out Iyabo Ojo, and levied different accusations against her. She said she got information alleging the entertainer is a runs girl who purportedly slept with Port-Harcourt based Pastor, Pastor Ibiyeomie of the Salvation Ministries. According to her, it was a church member who made the shocking revelation. The church member also accused Iyabo of utilizing charms to sleep with the well known Port Harcourt minister, David Ibiyeomie, who is the founder of Salvation Ministries. The controversial journalist and daughter of ex- Governor of Oyo State, Kemi Olunloyo, shared the church member’s claims on her HNN Page on Instagram, before the post was pulled off on the platform.

Not long after Kemi shared this, she was thrown in jail for spreading false news about the man of God and Iyabo. She reportedly spent 81 days in jail before being released. The flames between them were re-ignited when Kemi Olunloyo commented on the video in which actress Iyabo Ojo cried while saying thanks to God for seeing her through the struggles of single parenthood. On Mother’s day, Iyabo Ojo shared an emotional video describing to her followers her journey to being a single mother of two, her crashed marriage and encouraging mothers. In the video, Iyabo Ojo reflected on how miserable she felt when her significant other disclosed that he married to her just because she was pregnant for him. She additionally revealed how they battled being broke before she eventually left the marriage.

Kemi Olunloyo who was obviously still holding grudges against the woman she said made her land in jail commented and said Iyabo was shedding crocodile tears and her tears had just started. She went on to attack Iyabo and her daughter and this response provoked Iyabo Ojo to make another video addressing the blogger, warning that if she does not stop attacking her daughter, she would return to jail. She threatened to send Kemi Olunloyo to prison again if she called out her children without any form of evidence.

At a point, it looked like Kemi Olunloyo took the advice as she shared her own emotional video on her Youtube channel, crying while she told the public that she had decided to leave everything to God. She also revealed that even though the incident with the actress ruined her career and sent her to jail, she has plans for the future which centers around re-branding and possibly having her own talk show. 

Well, this fight between Iyabo Ojo and  Kemi Olunloyo is becoming out of hand as they are both two matured mothers, parents and role models. The fact that they have stooped so low to rain curses and wish each other death is so absurd. This should come to an end or better still, they should get their drama off the social media. The internet never forgets…

By Johnny