Singer Mocheddah has called out colleague Dbanj over sexual abuse allegations leveled against him

The songstress in an Instagram post strongly noted that Dbanj should be ashamed of himself as she tagged him a bully

Mocheddah accused the singer of breaking the law and manipulating the justice system for his selfish interest

Nigerian singer Mocheddah has joined other celebrities who have used their individual social media platforms to call out singer Dbanj, and show support for Seiytan Babatayo, the lady who accused him of sexual abuse.

Mocheddah in a lengthy post shared on her verified Instagram page noted that the singer should be ashamed of himself as she tagged him a bully.

She said Dbanj has proved to everyone that he is a bully especially by his alleged attempts to silence a woman who barely wanted to speak her truth.

“Shame on you, dbanj. Shame on you for being the bully you have shown us you are. Shame on you for silencing a young woman from speaking her truth. Shame on you for being an instrument to unlawful imprisonment. Shame on you for influencing the order to arrest a woman that has accused you of rape. Shame on you for making her sign under duress,” Mocheddah wrote.

Singer Dbanj and Mocheddah. Photo: Instagram/@iambangalee/@mocheddah Source: Instagram

In a different portion of her post, the singer noted that the issue at hand has gone far beyond sexual abuse. She accused Dbanj of manipulating the justice system to fit his selfish interest while breaking the law on multiple counts.

Mocheddah made a strong call for the singer to be cancelled, his endorsements stripped off and his awards retracted.

She said: “Dbanj should be stripped of his endorsements, and his awards should be retracted to send a message to all bullies that believe they are above the law.”

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By Johnny