Slimcase has reacted to the recent ban of motorcycles in Lagos state

the musician, it is the best decision made by the state government

Slimcase urged the state governor to banish roadside traders in Lagos

The past few days on social media has been riddled with several outraged Lagosians expressing their anger against the state government over the recent tricycle and motorcycle ban

Recall that the ban took effect on Saturday, February 1, and ever since residents of the state have been faced with heavy hardship as it concerns transporting themselves around.

Despite the outrage by the people of lagos and several other notable individuals, music act Oluwafemi Oladapo popularly known as Slimcase, appears to be in complete support of the transport policy by the Babajide Sanwo-Olu led government.

The artist who gained the love of fans mostly because of his street-hop style, applauded the decision by the government of Lagos state. According to him, the ban on Okada is the best decision ever.

Slimcase made this known during a live Instagram video session, added that now that the state is free of okadas and kekes, the next phase of making Lagos a mega-city is to expand the roads

In addition to this, he impel the governor of the state to look into the matter of roadside traders in Lagos. He made a call for them to be banished, noting that with roadside traders off the road, people would not have reasons to litter the streets with wrappers and containers of the items they purchase

By Johnny