Controversial music star Speed Darlington has called out to Timaya in a video post

The singer noted that he wants to have three babymamas who are loyal just like Timaya does – Speed also informed Tim

Speed also informed Timaya about his intention to get an apartment

Controversial music star Speed Darlington has once again made the news and this time around the singer appears to be desperately in need of fellow singer Timaya’s attention.

According to the Akamu crooner, Timaya has three babymamas who are all very loyal to him. He said he wants to have something similar going on for him.

Speed darlington also expressed his interest in relocating to Enugu. This, according to him, is because he has had a tough time trying to get a decent apartment in Lagos state.

The singer noted that he can never spend as much as N500k just for the sake of getting an accommodation in the centre of excellence.

Watch the video below

A concerned Speed darlington was seen counting several 100 dollar bills as he called on Timaya and asked if the money with him would make him afford his kind of lifestyle.

By Johnny