The federal government of Nigerian recently approved N27 billion to renovate the National Assembly

The news has got Nigerians buzzing on social media including celebrities

Paul and Jude Okoye took to their social media pages to react to the news

The situation of things in Nigeria has been in the news in recent times as people complain about one issue or the other that is plaguing the country.

However, many Nigerians were taken by surprise after it was gathered that the federal government had approved N27 billion for the renovation of the National Assembly.

This has led to an outcry on social media particularly from Nigerian celebrities who feel that there are better things the money can be used for considering the situation of things in the country.

Celebrity brothers, Paul and Jude Okoye, took to their individual social media pages to react to the news.

Jude Okoye took to his Instagram page and asked why the National Assembly needed such an amount for renovation. He asked if the building was leaking or if the seats were poking their backsides.

The talent manager also said that more pressing issues like education, power and healthcare have been abandoned so that some politicians can have a finer room to take selfies in.

See his post below:


Paul, on the other hand, said that the government’s decision to approve N27b for renovation showed their rate of ‘see finish’ because they know that the people can do nothing to stop it.

Tweeting further, Paul said that some people will ask for protests to be organised when they know that looters will be more than protesters.

See his tweets below:

Nawa o.

By Johnny