Since Fela Anikulapo Kuti passed away, we have not seen anyone like him in Nigeria till date, Musicians and Artists are suppose to be the voice of the common man because Fela once said “Music is the Weapon” but to honest with you, alot of them are buttlickers of the politicians stealing our money in Nigeria.

I want someone like Fela, fearless and well informed. Nigeria Artist especially need to speak more about Bad Governance, enlighten their followers and keep them well informed. This can be done by music, writing or verbal.

Yemi Alade the the “Jonny” crooner took to her tweeter to that Eye service and Tribalism has been eating up Nigeria since 1960, the year Nigeria became independent.

Well Tribalism as always been a major problem of Nigeria as far as I know, if am not making mistake, the term “Eye Service” could have been linked to how people were mocking Hushpuppi since it was announced that the lad has been arrested, well am yet to find a concrete evidence on his arrest.


Eye service and Tribalism … eating up Nigeria since 1960.

By Johnny