Nigerian Instagram sensation, Oyemykke, has taken to social media platform to share his opinion about talented and buzzing Nigerian singer, Fireboy

Oyemykke said that he finds it hard to say what Fireboy looks like and added that the singer, like other singers in the industry, have the same hair

The social media commentator said that Fireboy’s songs are doing better than his face

Social media has become a safe space for a number of people to air their views in any manner they like without fear of criticism.

Some people have even made it their business to comment on issues with so much authority and they have gained fame for it.

One of such people is an Instagram celebrity, Oyemykke. The young man is known for commenting on popular and sometimes controversial issues on social media in a way that some people love while others do not appreciate.

The controversial star said that till today, he still finds it hard to say what exactly Fireboy looks like. He added that the singer and like five other musicians in the industry have the same hairstyle.

Oyemykke said: “Fireboy, right now, you are arguably one of the most talented Nigerians out there. No doubt you have one of the biggest albums in Nigeria right now brother. But brother, I do not know what you look like.

“Your songs are doing better than your face. Your face should match your songs bro. When I was in Nigeria, I was like ‘where is this guy’. Till now, I can’t say this is what Fireboy looks like because I don’t know. You and five other guys in the industry have the same hair.”

Oyemykke then accompanied the caption of his post with a message that reads: “Fireboy SHOW US MORE OF YOUR FACE.

“I am still a huge fan of Fireboy, incredible talented but if I don’t say this thing ehn, my heart no go rest. Management , Camera Crew, Get To Work. This guy could potentially be the next Superstar.”

See the video below:

By Johnny