African parents especially Nigerians are very funny people. When Nigerian kids share their experiences with their parents, you would think that they were raised and handled by the same set of people.

You could even think that their parents were given the same book for parenting. However, as funny as they may sound or act, they always have their children’s best interests at heart.

Recently, comedian Josh Alfred popularly known as Josh2funny shared a funny WhatsApp conversation between him and his dad and it is so hilarious.

The comedian’s father told him to mindful of who touches his head because of his glory

Comedian Josh Alfred popularly called Josh2funny shared a WhatsApp conversation with his dad on his Instagram page

The comedian’s father wasn’t convinced as he noted that the way the barber applied the cream was suspicious. Josh2funny’s conversation with his dad has gone viral as fans and followers stated that Nigerian fathers could be extra.

By Johnny