Ok where do I even start, I gotta be dreaming, I thought he already found a lover when he was looking for a sister, we all know Chioma is the lucky one out of all.

On the issue of fourth baby Mama, my guy really need to take a chill pill, I know ladies will set you up that’s for sure, lady will try trap you by all means especially if you’re a superstar. As a man you mustn’t lose Guard.

Davido got another baby mama, it was revealed that she had the baby in March but my guy didn’t want anything to do with the baby mama.

Hmm… things are starting to make sense now, few days ago Davido change his number and he said if you can’t reach me, I will contact you myself, this was shared in an Instagram post by him, claims he needed some cleansing.

Larissa a UK based makeup artist just joined the Davido baby mama’s club, currently it was revealed that she have to go through Davido’s lawyer to reach, fans have gone mental about it which I would expect anyway because we all thought after Chioma no more baby mama.
See the post and fans reaction below.

By Johnny