Ok the answer you lot have been waiting for has finally been revealed by Yvonne Jedege herself during a live Instagram interview with Mr. Paul

She admitted that she did surgery to get her perfect body, also she shed more light about her marital status and her ex-husband.


“Yes, I did surgery (liposuction) on my stomach after I had my son; so, that made me look curvier. I had the surgery here in Nigeria. I don’t have issues with anyone on earth; I do whatever I want with myself and body”

Speaking on remarrying after her messy divorce with ex-husband, Abounce, Yvonne Jegede said:

“I will want to remarry if I find somebody who would love me and love my child. Because, right now, my child is the most important person in my life. I would not want to marry someone who would not love my son as much as he would love his own child. He must love my child 100%, love me too and then the feeling is mutual.

“For my ex-husband, I am not a bitter woman. I am not the kind of woman who would swear for her husband or boyfriend if all didn’t go well. My house is open for my son’s dad to come and see him anytime. In my house, there’s a standing law; you don’t curse or insult my son’s father for any reason whatsoever. The fact that we are no longer married doesn’t mean I should go about laying curses (on him),” she stated.

Speaking further, the thespian cum model reiterated her undying passion for acting.

“I can’t quit acting 100%. Just like my ex mother-in-law of blessed memory, Bukky Ajayi, she acted till her very last minute. I loved her so much, I still do. Acting is a profession that you can do till it’s your memorial. I could quit but not totally, after all, I am an entertainment person.

Born in the industry. I will be forever here. If not acting, doing all other related stuffs. Aside that, I am a happy and humble person, my happiness is on default. I do not need someone to ginger my happiness; it is always there 24/7. As a human, sometimes I get upset, I get pissed, but it does not last long. I do not pretend. I am still the same girl you see on the screen, happy, cheerful and humble.”

By Johnny