There’s surely fire on the mountain for a top Nigerian Celeb popularly known as Dbanj and as you know it, Nigerian social medial space is currently trying to cool things down as different rape cases and allegations are beginning to surface from every angle.

A lot of ladies are sharing their terrible experiences as a rape victim, some accusing cousin, uncle, neighbour, even father and plenty of our Nigerian celebrities too.  

So Dbanj made a post preaching against rape on his social media page while emphasising on the importance of consent. That surely didn’t digest well with a victim who remained anonymous but used her friend’s social media handle to share her experience she allegedly had with the legend singer.

Benjamin said that on December 30, 2018, Dbanj’s manager, Franklin, invited his friend to an all-white party at Eko Atlantic and that the singer sighted her and made advances which she turned down.

The young man said that Dbanj had also sent people to talk to his friend but she was not interested. Later on, the lady left the event and her friend, Franklin, lodged her at a hotel in VI because it was too late to return to the mainland.

Benjamin said that Dbanj left where he was lodged at Eko Hotel and went down to VI at around 2:40am where he collected the spare key from the receptionist and threatened to send the girl out of the room naked. Benjamin said that his friend was begging and crying but the singer did not listen till he was done with his evil act and left the room.

The young man who shared the story then dared the singer to swear by the god of iron, Ogu, if truly he did not commit the crime, because his Christian God is too merciful.

Hmm… could this be true? Well Dbanj have refused to comment on the allegation led against him.

By Johnny