Well its seems entertainment is meeting politics, I know there will be a time people will no longer keep quiet, why do I feel like we have been betrayed by the so called 9ja celebs at large, I mean with the amount of followers this guyz got, a lot of us expect that they should use their platform as a means of informing the misinformed youths at least.

Seems my wish have started to surface as Banky W and Wizkid, have both taken to their individual social media platforms to criticize the Nigerian government, following the allocation of N27 billion to the National Assembly for renovation.

Banky W in a post shared by on his official Twitter page ridiculed the FG and noted that there are other pressing needs in the country.

In his statement, Nigerians are in dire need of funds for food, healthcare among other things. “At a time when most Nigerians are seriously struggling with being able to afford everything from food to Healthcare, our National Assembly is going to spend N27 billion on ‘renovations’!”

He also noted that citizens of the country are starving yet the National Assembly deem it fit to spend that much on renovations.

He said: “Education budget? cut by 55% basic healthcare provision fund?? cut by 42.5%! People are starving! And our National Assembly thinks it’s okay to spend N27 billion on renovations of their complex!?! This is heartless! Our Reps & Senators should please come and explain this to us.” While Wizkid shared his tweet with a reply; Inhuman !!!country is a mess ! Useless leaders!!

I think we need more of these from our celebrity, maybe the FG will take us serious someday.

By Johnny