Jude had more to spill in recent interview, first was about Mr. May D http://de9jamusicentertainment.com/i-gave-you-hummer-jeep-house-shop-on-my-bank-card-jude-okoye-replies-mr-may-d/

and him so sure that Psquare will never come back as duo. http://de9jamusicentertainment.com/psquare-coming-back-jude-gave-a-shocking-answer/

Now, he seems this is the reason why Psquare ended this journey, Jude claims Peter was fighting him for “no reason” to leave Psquare simply because User Raymond did it, Beyonce did it too, ( to be honest, am not sure what that has to do with Psquare).

Even though Paul asked Peter to give reason why Jude must leave Psquare, Peter have no concrete evidence or reason. He ended the statement saying “Paul had to be purnished” not sure what he meant by that.

Watch video below 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿

By Johnny