Two of Nigeria’s top musicians’ rapper Vector and producer Masterkraft aka Mastaa have collaborated to release a joint EP titled Crossroads.

The EP has been described as the redefinition of rap in the African music landscape or perhaps the real definition of rhythm and poetry.

Made up of five tracks, the EP is a journey into something new, eclectic, rhythmic, and refreshingly different. Using a mix of English, Yoruba and pidgin, Vector and Mastaa introduce us to a tune that’s similar to that of the Afrobeat legend himself Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

ector, Masterkraft have released a new EP titled Crossroads. Source: Instagram

Interestingly, Mastaa and Vector took signature sounds from Fela’s Afrobeat, fused it nicely with the rhythm and pace that’s unique to rap, and created a new sub-genre they call Rapfrobeat. They further stated that, If rebellion was music, this would be it.

Track list of Vector and Masterkraft’s new release Crossroads. Source: Instagram

By Johnny